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Taking Care Of Business.

Oh Mylanta. My apologies for not posting in the past 29 days two hours and 14 minutes. I am so embarrassed.. for two reasons. One, for not posting and two, for knowing the exact time of my latest post.I promise that this time I actually did have a valid excuse. I have been,as the title clearly states, taking care of business.

I have a few things that I have been working on that I am keeping a secret…and NO you will not be able to get it out of me. These lips are sealed. If you could see me you would be oh so entertained by the ol’ “zipping of the lips and throwing away the key” gesture that just took place.I am sure that your wheels are just a spinnin’ now with curiosity. So, in order to keep you from going loco we are now going to change topics. Deal? we go.

Since my life has been such chaos, I shamefully admit that I  let this new healthy lifestyle take a ride in the backseat. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, that ride was just temporary and I could kick myself for ever slipping up.However, I gladly admit that this human makes mistakes. So I am up and at ’em once again.I am feeling ready to take on this thing full force. With 120 pounds to lose, I definitely have my work cut out for me.But y’all know me well enough by now to know how much I L-O-V-E a good challenge.So here we go, “Losing Weight TAKE 2”

Bring it on




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