My journey began back in March of 2010. I had read online that the Biggest Loser would be casting for Season 10 close to my home town and knew that I could not miss out on such a great opportunity. I left my home that Friday and traveled to D.C. in hopes of becoming the next biggest loser.

I made it through the first few rounds of casting but not all the way to the end. The process was so emotionally draining. After finding out that I would not be a contestant on the biggest loser I was devastated. I stopped losing weight and actually managed to put on more pounds.

Season 10 aired and I was sad thinking that it could have been me that was weighing in on that scale. Well after a few episodes I finally drug myself out of my rut and was determined to make the changes. Heck, if I HAD made it on the show I would be making tons of changes so why not do it at home. I started making changes and have already lost about 20 pound in the past month.

I am eternally grateful for the biggest loser. It has changed my life forever.It has inspired me to get up and start making changes. I understand that I can do this with or without the show. I have formed amazing friendships with so many of the hopefuls and bonds that I know will never be broken. We understand each other and it’s always good knowing that you’re not alone.

I set up this blog in hopes that individuals reading would understand that anything can be accomplished! If you set your mind and heart to it nothing is impossible.I will be updating this site with tips, videos,weigh ins and much more.

Trust the Process.Believe in yourself. Change forever.


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